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Dad Bod To Rad Bod 

I am so excited to offer our first Transformation Program "Dad Bod to Rad Bod" Version 1. The Dad to Rad program is designed for men age 25-55 who want to be able to get back in shape. Do you feel self conscious taking your shirt off at the pool? Maybe you have some nagging aches and pains, and want to get back in the game? This Program is exactly what you need! 

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What Can you Expect in 6 weeks? 

The Dad to Rad program is designed to deliver some serious results for those who take it seriously. We'll be committing 6 weeks to improving Exercise, Nutrition, Habits, and Mindset for some awe inspiring results. 

Things you can expect by final weigh-in include

  • More Energy and Vitality 

  • Losing 10-20 pounds on the scale

  • More visible muscle definition 

  • Dropping 1-2 pant sizes 

  • Habits instilled to continue progress   



Dad to Rad takes the best of what SteelFit has to offer in coaching know how, we'll be instilling custom exercise routines, expert nutritional guidance, and Mindset strategies, to Transform you inside and out. 


  •  Daily Contact/Motivation 

  • Weekly Check-ins / Accountability 

  • Personalized Exercise Regimen

  • Nutrition Coaching and Strategies 

  • Post 6 week maintenance program 

So what are you waiting for? Click the button bellow to get started!

Dad-To-Rad Game Plan 

Week 1

1 on 1 Consultation week, We'll set up your diet and exercise plan, and discuss our rules for success. We'll also dig deep into your why to find motivation . 

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Nutrition and Metabolism Week. We'll double down on effective nutrition strategies to maximize building muscle and burning fat. (In Person Workshop July 9th)

Sleep an Recovery Week. This week is all about effective recovery, maximizing sleep, and preventing excessive soreness.

Motivation and Discipline Week. Learn more about your Why. Build strategies to make health a natural part of your life. 

Old Man Strength Week. 

Week 6

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