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SteelFit Bootcamps

Group Workout
Group Fitness at its best 

SteelFit Bootcamps are the newest and most economical program to BURN FAT, and build a better body. 

Bootcamp provides three different types of classes. Stretch, Flex, and Burn. It's highly recommended to attend each style for best results. 



The perfect class for recovery and building your foundation for continual progress. Stretch consists of functional mobility work and recovery drills. 



Let's Get Physical! Flex is our strength training program, you'll learn how to properly use Kettlebells, Steel Mace, Clubs, and your body to build some lean fat burning muscle. 



Time to be serious! Calories burn the more you breathe. Burn is our bootcamp cardio program. We'll be using some intense, but manageable intervals to melt those extra pounds.

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