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Chair Rehab Mini Guide

Free yourself from desk-work Pain

Welcome to one of SteelFit's secret pages. If you've made it here make sure you bookmark it, because you won't find a link back from the main site. 

This page is about the basics you need to address the aches and pains of desk-work. Ask yourself, does my back hurt? Do I suffer from tight shoulders and headaches? Are my wrists stiff and fingers numb? If the answer to any of those questions is yes this page will be a life saver for you. 

Graphic Designer

Big Three Pain Zones 

Let's talk about the basics. There are 3 incredibly common pain zones that can come from desk work. The Shoulders/Neck, The Lower Back, and The Wrists/Fingers. The good news is that through a combination of stretching and strengthening we can alleviate discomfort in all of these areas. I have a video below to walk you through 5 drills that can help.   

Physical Therapist

5 Exercises to Eliminate Pain

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