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Start Now!

Do you ever click on a company’s blog and start to chuckle when you see there’s only one entry or that the current one is from one to two years ago?

Yeah. I’m guilty of the same thing as you can see from the in-depth list of entries on this site. It’s okay, you can laugh out loud. I won’t take offense!

However, I guess now’s a good time to start using the Blog portion since I am ready to announce the next evolution in SteelFit. I’m also posting this because I need to follow my own advice: Start Now!

That’s right, don’t delay. Quit wasting time. Just. Start. Now!

Why this advice?

It started with a simple conversation I had with a client of mine. This person kept delaying the inevitable when it came to exercising and losing weight. There’s a trip coming, a beach to frolic on, and some weight to lose. But rather than take on the challenge now to do something different, I was greeted with “Let’s start healthy eating next week.” Then next week comes and there’s another reason for not making a change. If you know me, you probably know the face I give—the one where I’m about to remind you of something you already know. People don’t like that face because it’s a combination of a smile and a strong glare which often gets a perplexed reaction because people realize I’ve seen them and I’m not willing to let them keep making excuses any further.

So I just said “Start now if you’re really ready to make a change.” Then I realized I need to stop being a hypocrite and take my own advice!

It’s always easier to give rather than receive sometimes. I look at content creation as a daunting process. I was told blog entries need to be perfectly planned and expertly executed. Try to reach as many people as possible, use SEO-friendly terms, build a following, maximize engagement, blah, blah, blah!

I find sitting down to write too often be a daunting process. Sitting down for just 20 minutes to create new content quickly becomes an endless burden as the fear of putting out something sub-par makes me delay the effort and put it on next week’s To-Do list. And you know what happens next, next week becomes two weeks, two months and then a year of wheel spinning to where there’s no movement! People do it all the time with their fitness and nutrition until the day they realize they have sabotaged their own growth.

Well, I’m taking my own advice and my commitment to you is to just start now. My goal is to put out at least two entries a month. This is the first one for March, expect another post soon on some aspect of fitness!

I promise to keep the entries short and sweet and I hope you’ll be encouraged enough to check back and see what’s on the SteelFit blog when there’s an entry.

This is me starting now; I hope you do the same thing when it comes to your life and staying fit. Spring is coming, summer will follow quickly. Don’t wait until next week to start working out or eating better. Identify that first step and simply start now! I promise you, that’s all you need to truly get going!

Be Humble

Coach Bruce

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