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What to do when you eat less but the scale wont move...

So you started counting calories or attempted a cool new diet (Keto, Carnivore, IF, Vegan, etc). You’ve achieved some solid results the first few weeks, but it’s been a while and now you're stuck. Or worse: the weight is slowly starting to creep back on.

It can’t be the diet,right?

You cut your calories, you’re eating salad, and you’re hungry all the time. So there’s no way you could be eating too many calories! Yet week after week nothing changes. Then one random day, you go out with friends, you have a few extra drinks for once and splurge for dessert. And when you step on the scale a day later: Boom! The scale goes up 2 pounds for one fun night out.

It seems unfair doesn’t it?

Every expert says you must eat fewer calories than what you expend to lose weight. It’s such a simple and infallible concept, how can it be so hard?

I”m here to tell you most experts are missing one key factor in their strategy: The calories you use in a day change constantly! I’ll let that sink in by repeating this statement: the calories you use in a day change constantly!

Your body–contrary to popular belief–is super smart. As you drop the calories you consume, your body begins slowing its metabolism. Your body typically strives for finding balance. If you’ve tried diets which crash your calories, it's pretty likely your body rations the amount of energy it's spending. So when you go out on a fun night and move your healthy regimen to the side while you intake a few more beverages and a big dessert, your body adjusts and you’ve got an extra pound or two.

So what do you do? Enter the Reverse Diet!

If you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss progress, you can get back on course by slowly adding more calories back into your diet.

Yes. You can still lose weight by adding calories to your diet. In other words, you can eat more to burn more!

Bodybuilders know and use this strategy often, particularly when they’ve finished a strict cut to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. The Reverse Diet is perfect for restoring your metabolism and increasing your daily energy. If you’ve been a serial yo-yo dieter in the past, this method will serve you well as you just need to pay a little bit of extra attention to get the results you want.

The Reverse Diet Process

Here’s the four things you need to do using the Reverse Diet approach:

  1. Increase daily non-exercise activity. You can do this by altering your normal routine and take a few small actions which can have a significant impact over time. Take the stairs, park further away from the office or grocery store, make sure you stand up at your desk every 45 minutes. Have coworkers who also want to lose weight? Go for walking meetings either in the office or outside when we have good weather! A client of mine did this with his team and everyone met their goal of going down a dress and pant size in time for their holiday party! When you increase your non-exercise activities, your body gets a constant signal to pick up the pace with its metabolism.

  2. Add calories back into your diet. Start low, go slow. Add 50-100 calories to your day. If you were consuming 1200 calories a day, try increasing your intake to 1300 a day for 2 weeks or more. Your body will slowly make changes. Just remember, something small on a daily basis becomes something large when you add it up over a month.

  3. Get quality sleep. It’s a known fact that your body needs a good recovery period for it to maintain and adapt. If it means putting away the electronic devices and curbing your binge watching at night, do it! I never settle for less than 7hours a night–you may need more given your goals!

  4. Focus your exercise time on strength training. More muscle burns more calories, even when you're at rest. What surprises most people is how even just one strength training session a week can make a huge difference! Imagine if you did two!

  5. Do all of these and make them your new routine. You cannot expect to achieve your goals by simply doing steps 1 and 2 and forget about the other steps. For the Reverse Diet to work, you need to engage the body to respond in a new way so your metabolism for you as opposed to against you.

Got questions? Are you ready to go back to steadily losing weight as opposed to suddenly putting on the pounds after a happy hour or a trip to your favorite high end restaurant? Are you ready for beach season?

If you need a little extra incentive for achieving your goals, consider starting a SteelFit program to take a more personalized approach to fitness! I still have just a few one on one in person slots left, but now we can work together online to achieve your goals. Text me, send me an email or fill out the Contact form and we will start changing your life today!

Coach Bruce

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