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Why Mace? Why Now?

People who approach me often ask the same question: Why the Mace? Some people think it’s because I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, others think that it’s because I just love finding new ways to put my clients through the ringer. Mace work has indeed been around for centuries, it’s just that more and more personal training experts are now reconnecting to its main value-add for getting in and maintaining physical fitness: Traction.

To better understand, let me provide some context.

I’ve been working out since I was 12 years old. No matter your age or physical condition, there’s always a certain level of pain, soreness, and fatigue attached to a good workout. I used to think the only way to combat aching joints was rest, some yoga poses or frequent massages. While these are great ways to eliminate pain, none of these approaches worked for any considerable amount of time.

Then I found myself in a weekend workshop in Connecticut where one of the best trainers ever introduced me to the Steel Mace. Once I began using Mace in all my workouts, I discovered my joints ached less and my recovery between workouts was faster. Even my aggravated elbow was back to functional! Admittedly, I thought this was just a fluke. Once I introduced Mace work to my clients, something amazing happened. People complained less about soreness between sessions--some told me back pain became a thing of the past! The best part? Client performance went through the roof.

So why Mace?

The answer is Traction.

Traction is the application of a sustained pull on a limb or muscle. Sounds like a fancy phrase, doesn’t it? What that really means is that traction offers an opportunity to stretch out your joints after a brief period of being crushed together.

Think about one of the largest causes of joint pain when working out. It’s called Compression. This occurs when there is density, push, or weight bearing placed on a joint. Think of a typical lifting motion like the bench press. You lay on a bench, load a bar in your hands and reach towards the ceiling. From the second that bar is in your hands, the bar compresses the joints of your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Now a little bit of pressure isn’t a bad thing, but if you’ve been lifting for a while, the muscles will surpass what joints can handle and the pressure on your anatomy causes joint discomfort.

When you swing a Mace, it offers you the ability to stretch out your joints after immediately being crushed together, creating a fluid movement which reduces the level of stiffness and joint pain once the movement completes. It’s still a deep and thorough workout, but it’s impact on the body is far more helpful over time. The lack of joint pain often motivates people to want to do more as they tend to feel more energized and motivated as working with a Mace offers a comprehensive workout for the body.

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Mace work, may I suggest you giving it a try by scheduling a free consultation with Steelfit?

Click on the link to my Contact page, give me a call or send an email and I’ll be happy to share the joys of Mace work with you!

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